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The distinct Ceylon Tea flavour that is appreciated and in high-demand among regular tea drinkers and tea connoisseurs both in Malaysia and elsewhere, is fully captured in Stassen Tea. Stassen Tea products are set apart by the unique characteristic featuring superior quality tea cultivated in various parts of the island, categorized as high, medium and low grown teas. Now you can enjoy Stassen’s premium Ceylon Tea in Malaysia.

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Premium quality Ceylon Tea now available online and at all leading supermarkets near you.

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Our Organic Tea

Tea Organically grown is devoid of any chemicals that might be harmful. Classified as Uva High at an elevation of 1800m, the Idulgashinna estate is watered by the north-east monsoonal rains. The estate produces Uva seasonal teas during the period from July to September. Light both in colour and strength, these teas have a characteristic aroma and taste. Organic tea grown at Idulgashinna is certified by international certification bodies as ‘100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC’. Organic tea is Lemon Teamostly consumed in Europe, Japan and the USA. Currently, there is a growing demand for organic tea in other parts of the world as well.

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Speciality of Ceylon Tea

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