Stassen’s tea products have gained world repute for their formidable quality, distinct flavour, and cost-friendly nature. A top-rated Ceylon Tea brand in the global market, Stassen’s full range of tea bags, packaged tea, and specialty tea packs are now carried by Aabi Holdings, as well as bulk tea for B2B sale. 

From Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Herbal Infusions, Luxury Tea Gift Packs, and Organic Tea, to Flavored Tea varieties, Aabi Holdings now offers an extensive line of world-class Ceylon Tea products straight from the lush green tea plantations of the island of Sri Lanka. 

The distinct Ceylon Tea flavour that is appreciated and in high-demand among regular tea drinkers and tea connoisseurs both in Malaysia and elsewhere, is fully captured in Aabi Holdings’ latest tea offering. 

Stassen Tea Malaysia

With the distribution agreement between Aabi Holdings and the Stassen Group now formalized and in operation, it affords Aabi Holdings great strength in importing Sri Lanka’s world-class brands of Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Spices, and its first-rate beverages. The sole distribution agent appointment of Aabi Holdings, provides them the leeway to distribute all imports of said products throughout Malaysia and also to engage in export regionally. It is set to further boost Malaysia’s formidable reputation as a top import and export nation with well-established trade agreements with a number of world markets. When considering overall exports of goods and services as percentage of Malaysia’s GDP, it stood at 68.76%. Imports of goods and services as a percentage of GDP equalled 61.75%. The country’s trade growth in 2018 totaled 5.12%, in comparison to 3.50% world trade growth in the same year.

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organic tea

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Importer and Distributer of Stassen Tea.

Exclusive Selection of Tea

Products As a result of the distribution partnership formed between the two companies, Aabi Holdings has widened its product offering in Malaysia and regionally and it now provides a diverse list of top Sri Lankan products and brands. This will afford the company numerous points of differentiation and market leverage, on the basis of the distinct flavour, quality, economical nature, and brand value of Sri Lankan products. This is strengthened by the island of Sri Lanka’s well-established and continuously growing reputation worldwide as a producer of food and beverage products for discerning consumers. Aabi Holdings now holds claim to the sole distribution rights for the following line of products from Sri Lanka.

Aabi Holdings’ tea products are set apart by the unique characteristic of Stassen teas, featuring superior quality tea cultivated in various parts of the island, categorized as high, medium and low grown teas. 

The range of tea products carried by Aabi Holdings is not only superior in terms of quality, flavour, and economic value, but the branding and packaging are also a class apart. This advantage is characterized by Stassen’s focus on individual design and packaging aligned with specific types/brands of tea.